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Water Collection System

Water Collection System
Hydro Pumps have assisted in the design and construction of a water collection system. The (motorway) bridge was located over a busy ring road junction into Nottingham which on no account could have lanes reduced or closed. The works were carried out during day shifts. 
Tin sheets were fixed to ply or scaffold planks. Mastic was used to seal the joints; the sheets were overlapped with mastic between them. A lay flat hose spigot was placed in the corner and the tin was lapped into it. The water was feed from the scaffold through lay flat to a filtration and Ph correction unit prior to discharge to the environment.
The filtration unit consists of a large tank full of plates these look like fish gills. Water is forced to flow around the plates coursing it to drop any particulate matter to the bottom of the tank from were it is removed periodically by a vac tank and disposed of.
The outfall of the filtration unit leads to an automatic acid dosing unit. Once set it monitors the Ph of the inflow water dosing it with acid to giving a Ph between 6 – 8 for the discharged water.


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