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Self Propelled Mini Drill Mast Marini Voyager

Mini drill
The drill mast is a very versatile piece of equipment being able to access confined areas. Hydro Pumps have both “top hole” and “down the hole hammer” giving it the ability to drill holes from 25 – 250+mm diameter with the option of water flush when using the top hole attachment. The unit can also be fitted with a hydraulic diamond core unit.

Holes can be drilled to depths as required by the extending of the drill string. Hydro pumps have drilled down to 25000 with this unit at 60mm diameter however grater depths are possible. 
Unit dimensions:
Width   Drill mast table 1350 track width 970
Length   drill mast table 2200
Mast height when at 90 degrees 3000
The mast bed will move forward and back with a full 360 degree rotation around the tracks. The mast can be tilted both forward and backwards of vertical to give angle drilling. It also has the ability to rotate through 90 degree at is base to give right ange drilling side on or any angle between that and vertical. 

Please use this web link  then click on Civil Engineering then Voyager.

We can modify or adapt the unit for specific tasks please call to discuss your requirements.

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