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MVM project M1 Junction 21 – 30

Hydro pumps were employed by the above consortium to carry out bridge deconstruction works to 6 under bridges, allowing for additional caraways to be constructed.
Works were to remove wing walls to form a step formation and produce stitch lengths in the bridge decks allowing for the extension of the under bridges, utilising Hydro pumps in house plant and operatives for “Diamond cutting, Hydro demolition and Percussion drilling”. 
The cutting of the step formation was extremely complex with our company having to adopt the works to accommodate changes in working methods and acceleration in program. 

Difficulties encountered include:

Hydro pumps put together a package of operations including:
Method of removal.
Type of equipment.
Programming, method and risk assessments.
Temporary works ( advice in type and method of construction)
Control of water and arising.
Re-design of contract to give best outputs, cost effectiveness and end product.
Diamond wire cutting and core drilling

The Wing walls were cut using diamond wire to give the finished step construction. 
The first wall was cut at a flat angle, with the intent “by the principal contractor” of cutting the step formation using hand held percussive tools. When this operation proved to be extremely time consuming, and difficult to put operatives on top of the wall safely, the initial steps were cut using hydro demolition with the remaining three walls being cut into the step formation using the diamond wire, this proved to be a more cost effective method.
Initial cutting method followed by cutting of steps using hydro demolition:

This wall was removed as the above diagram and the steps were cut using hydro demolition. You can see this by the rough finish of the steps, compared to the smooth finish left by the wire saw in the following pictures. 

Hydro Demolition

Following the removal of the top section using a Brokk hydraulic muncher we hydro demolished the lower section to allow for lapping of the new deck steel.

Percussion Drilling

Additional starter bars were needed, to a depth of 11000mm in the remaining sections of the wing walls, drilled by small robotic rig both vertical and 25 degree angle.



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