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IIntroduction to the use of water as cutting and surface preparation tool

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The Terms

“High Pressure”
Used for water at a pressure of up to 23000 psi / 1700 bar.
“Ultra High Pressure”
Used for water at pressure grater than 23000 psi / 1700 bar, will usually have a lower flow rate than a high pressure unit.
“Flow Rate”
The amount of water passing through attached tool or lance.
“Reaction Force”
The backward force generated by the water leaving the tool or lance, being influenced by both “water pressure” and “flow rate”. The biggest influence being flow rate, the higher the flow rates the grater the reaction force.
A good example would be a fire hose, although only having a pressure of 6 – 7 bar the flow rate of 272 ltr per min leads to a very high reaction force requiring the use of at least two fire men or ridged fixing of the nozzle to counteract the reaction force,

Hydro pumps run a fleet of “current up to date” units running at 1400 bar and 30000 bar. They are primarily used for:

“High pressure” 1400 bar

“Ultra High Pressure” 3000bar

Hydro Demolition offers fast and safe removal of concrete, when the retention of reinforcement or non-vibration removal is required. Advantages include:

Our fleet of pumps enabling us to choose the right plant for the specific operation. We have the ability to take on small or large contracts, utilising hand lance and or robotic equipment.
With our in house plant department and operative base, we will tailor our equipment and operations to meet your contract and programming needs.

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