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Robotic Cutting

Used on larger contracts, particularly useful for deck and repetitive work. Robotic units do require the use of hand lance units to trim following bulk removal. Both robots are computer controlled. Once the operative has programmed the relative cut parameters into the unit, it will travel across the structure at the set rate with the required number of lance paces. 
The cutting lance moves from side to side along a rack contained within a debris box, however secondary protection may be required in high risk areas to contain any chips escaping from under the base seal. 
This may be by the use of a large tarpaulin sheet stretched over the cutting head dragged along by the unit (good for deck work), or the construction of a debris netting tunnel. 
robotic hydro demolition
Above: Cutting of structure using 750 H.P.1150 bar 238 lt per min pump connected to Conjet 362 MPA robot fitted with a multi- purpose arm. A debris-netting cage has been used to arrest any flying concrete, as works is directly adjacent to and over live traffic.
robotic hydro demolition
Above: Conjet 322 Tracked robot fitted with 360 degree arm. Connected to two number 1500 bar @ 56 lt per min units giving working flow and pressure of 112 lt at 1500 bar.

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