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Hand Lance Cutting

Used on the majority of contracts, having the flexibility to accesses all areas.
Units have the flexibility of a wide range of working pressure and flow rates giving either precise scalpel type removal (bridge bearing or investigation works), or bulk removal.
In situations where the access is difficult or in a confined space, pressure and flow can be varied. Using a higher pressure with a reduced flow reuses reaction force on the lance, Allowing for more precise control by the operative and safer operation. However there will be a reduction in output.   
Hand Lance
Above: On this contract were fast removal was imperative, four number 220 H.P. 1500 bar @ 56 lt per min pumps were used the output of these pumps ranges between 1 and 2 m³ per day maintaining an average minimum output of 1.5m³ per day. The contract required the exposure of beam shear legs within the structure for inspection and replacement.
Hand Lance
This Contract on a new structure in Greece called for removing the bridge box floor following the forming of delimitation when the tendons were stressed. The area was later successfully replaced and the tendons stressed.

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